The end of the school year has come and gone and families who are changing cities, states, or even countries are probably in the processĀ  of packing up their house and getting ready for the big move if they haven’t already left. Best friends have exchanged tearful goodbyes, vowing to stay in touch forever. In this day and age that should be easier than ever, right?

Truth is, the new school year rolls around, new friends are met, new routines fall in place, and soon enough months have gone by without a post card, phone call, or even email. Estrangement isn’t inevitable though, there are ways to keep the momentum going on the relationship.

1) Moving announcements aren’t just for grown-ups

These moving announcements are cute enough for kids to hand out, and since they’re from our Studio Basics line they’re affordable enough to get some for each and every one of your children’s BFFs. Change the text to anything you please and make sure to include mailing address and email!

Froggy Moving Announcement by Tiny Prints

2) Video chat is almost as good as in person!

There are plenty of cheap or affordable video chat options available that are so basic that even a child can use them. Help your kids get comfortable with the systems and then encourage them to set up a regular check-in time with their friends. If it becomes a habit, they’ll keep chatting! As a bonus, your child might get so used to the system that grandpa and grandma might get treated to some chat time!

3) Long distance book club!

Book clubs are all the rage with kids these days, but if figuring out what book to read what month is too much hassle long distance, how about making it possible for kids to share books after they’re done reading them? All it takes is an envelope and some stamps. To make it more fun, show your child how he can write out a series of questions he and his friend can discuss once they’ve both read the book.

4) Good old mail

Who doesn’t love receiving a real letter in the mail? A set of personalized note cards with pre-stamped and addressed envelopes are a sure fire way to make sure kids stay in touch. Not enough of an incentive? How about setting up a small contest to see who can send the most mail in one year?

Floral Notecards by Tiny Prints

5) Sisterhood of the traveling… notebook!

Keeping a diary is fun, keeping a joint diary, well that just double the fun and brings the authors closer than ever. Our new notebooks have adorable covers that can be personalized to reflect the diary keepers. Use photos that will evoke fond memories and get the writers started. The first child writes and entry—a rant, a rave, a question, or just a fun note—and sends it to the other child. When that one has written her entry she sends it back. The only question that remains is who gets to keep the notebook when it’s full!

Personalizable Notebook by Tiny Prints

These are just a couple of ideas for helping kids keep in touch. If you have others we’d love to hear them!

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