Leaving the Kids at Home

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I’ll be heading out of town for five days and leaving the kids at home with their father. He’s more than capable of caring for them without me, but I’m still finding myself running around doing all the laundry, filling the fridge with healthy food and generally making sure that no one will starve or languish while I’m gone.

Beyond the bare necessities I’ve also spent some time preparing some fun surprises for them to find when I’m gone. If they look carefully they’ll find a note here and a note there. They might even find a treat or two squirreled away in unexpected spots. With luck it will make the time I’m away feel something like an adventure.

As for daddy, I’ve prepared a few chore charts. They’re not for him to fill out, rather for the kids to adhere to so that the evenings can go a little better. I’ve promised a prize to anyone who fills out their chart completely. If they don’t behave, daddy will be the one getting a prize!

I fully intend to have a lovely time on my trip. I just know it will be easier to enjoy myself if I know they’re all taken care of first.

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