Two of my oldest friends had babies within 5 months of each other and went back to work the same week. One lives in England and the other lives on the other side of the country, so, even though I knew exactly how they were both feeling that week, there was precious little I could do to make the transition easier on all of them.

I thought about sending flowers, but last thing a new mom going back to work needs is one more thing to take care of.

I thought about sending cookies or candy, but the last thing a new mom trying to fit back into her work clothes needs is more food.

I thought about sending a cozy pair of pajamas, but that didn’t seem conducive to a first day of work.

So I sent them a card. A sweet, personalized friendship card. One that spelled out exactly just how much I knew they were hurting, and just how much I knew they were going to be OK. I told them how I had been there. I explained how the next few months would go. Then I told them how much I loved them and how I wished I were delivering the card in person along with the tightest hug I’d even given them.

Both called me to say that my card had made them smile and that they’d felt the hug, which, really, was my goal all along.

Friendship Greeting Card by Tiny Prints

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