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One of the concerns that come to mind when we consider the sheer number of ways we can let the internet absorb our time is that in the end we have less and less time to spend making “real” friends.

We asked our Facebook fans if they’ve ever made valuable lasting friendships on social media sites like Facebook and the answer was an overwhelming resounding “YES!”

Here are a few examples of friendships our fans have forged online:

Yes- I met 20 ladies online in a forum when we were pregnant with our first baby. Now 4 years later we still talk daily. Love them! – Melissa Rousseau


Yes, I certainly have [made friends online] ….and none of my “real life” friendsihps have suffered because of time I’ve spent online, nor has any of my family or my responsibilities. It’s all about priorities. – Amy Rose Cruz


I definitely have! One of my very best friends lives half a country away and we met online. We keep in touch via Livejournal and Facebook, and occasionally Skype. I spent several Christmases with her and her family and still see her in person once a year at least. I don’t know what I’d do without her in my life. – Angelica Harmon


Met my husband online…known him 10 years now…been married 7 years….with a baby on the way. I think people are more “real” online because they are under the impression they are hiding behind a monitor. Face or face people will yell ya anything you want to hear to gain your interest. – Kristie Riley-Aranda


Absolutely! Met the love of my life too! It’s an easy way to stay connected when you’re a workhog who gets to work early and leaves late when the world is at rest. While I’d love the face-to-face interaction, at least my love ones know I was thinking of them. – E. TaLeshea Holland


I don’t think it has hurt my relationships– it’s helped me stay closer to friends and family both near and far, and even has helped me to get to know them better. I have not made any new friends online. Relationships don’t suffer because of FB– it’s housework that does! – Stephanie Apostol


Now that my 3 year old has been diagnosed with high risk cancer, we are confined to being away from people more to keep her germ free… and we have had so much support from people and making new friends online daily!

People who care so deep…ly about my daughter that we have never met face to face… People who give compassion, words of love and offer support to her and our family at this time.. sent her valentines, help us do fundraisers online, and even a long-distance ladies bible study to keep my faith strong through this difficult time.

For all of these things I am ever grateful in the long, lonesome hours she rests to have that kind of support from my online friends and family. – Jessica Moore Hester

Our fans’ outpouring of love for their online friends leaves us without a doubt that online friendship can be just as real as in person friendship, and at times even more valuable. Have you made “real” friends online?

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