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For three years now all my husband has requested for Father’s Day was a family hike. He wanted to pack up everyone, grab some sandwiches and head out on a walk up a nice trail somewhere near by. He wanted to picnic somewhere pretty with a view. He wanted to share his love for the outdoors with his family.

You would think that we could have managed to make that happen, and yet, for the last three we haven’t. One year someone was injured and couldn’t walk. Another year it was raining on Father’s Day. Yet another year one of the kid’s was sick. And it’s possible that all those years I had visions of little girls whining that they were tired and needed to be carried, images of tantrums thrown miles away from the car, or some other disaster that I would have to remedy while far, far away from the comforts of home.

This year however, everyone is finally old enough to actually be able to walk and enjoy a little trip into nature and I’m hoping that the stars will align and everyone will be hale and healthy. They’re still little, so I won’t be overly ambitious, but I really think that this Father’s Day will see us finally tackling that trail he’s been dreaming of for so long. It might even become another Father’s Day tradition… as long as we can get home in time for the family Father’s Day Barbecue.

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