Mom Talk: A First Ball Game

The invitation to the baseball game came weeks before my oldest daughter was due. I accepted, figuring that a twelve week old would be just fine at a ballpark. I didn’t take into account the heat, the wind off the San Francisco Bay, the noise of the rowdy crowd, or the serious lack of changing spaces. All of those things came to mind much later on the actual day of the game as I packed up our diaper bag and everything else I figured we might need for a four or five hour event.

I worried about that game all the way to the stadium. I worried about feeding her there and entertaining her for the duration of the game. I also worried about the noise and the germs and everything that could possibly go wrong.

I could have spared myself a ton of angst. When we arrived at the ballpark I popped her into a front carrier where she proceeded to guzzle a bottle and then promptly fell asleep. And that is exactly how she remained for the duration of the game and the trip back to the car.

The noise of the crowd must have kept her asleep, or maybe she’s the same kind of baseball fan her mother is—one who would rather be watching the game from the comfort of her couch with only half an eye trained on the game, because to this day she hasn’t shown a hint more of interest than she did that first day.

Baseball and Bat

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  1. Miranda says:

    We took our daughter to her first baseball game (BOS @ OAK) when she was 6 weeks old. That same week was her first hockey game (PHX @ SJS). She slept pretty much straight through both games. When she was a baby it was pretty easy to take her with us- now that she’s 16 months we need to either find a sitter or buy her her own ticket so we have some room and one of us is usually walking the concourse with her and missing the game. We’re taking her to a minor league game this month- less of a financial commitment, it’s local and we aren’t as invested in the team so missing some of the game isn’t that big a deal but it allows us to test run sporting events again at this age.

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