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I was very sleep deprived when my second daughter was born and my first daughter was equally attention deprived. The two don’t always make a great combination, which might explain the confusion that ensued the day that the then two-year-old decided to try out her baby sister’s recliner.

The reclining bouncer was not  exactly designed to hold the weight of a healthy toddler. Went she sat down in it the seat leaned all the way back causing her to flail around as she tried to regain her balance. All the arm and leg waving only served to lean the chair even further back and to make the canopy collapse. She was never in any danger, just a bit tangled up, not that we noticed what was going on until she started calling out to us.

“Ayuda me! Ayuda me!”

Not understanding what she was saying at first, I looked over and had to stop myself from laughing at her predicament. Little legs and arms were still flying and she was trying hard to pull the canopy back up. Her plaintive “Ayuda me!” was a bit muffled by the fabric, not exactly helping me understand what she was saying.

Then, in context, the words became clear. She wasn’t crying some bizarre baby words, she was pulling from Go Diego, Go! and calling for help.

They say that kids under the age of two shouldn’t watch TV, but she wouldn’t be learning Spanish if she didn’t watch a little Nick Jr. now and then! Right?

Tiny Prints Diego Invitation

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