Mom Talk: A Stack of Books

Post by Jessica R.

Before I had kids my favorite way to spend a free hour or two was to find a bookstore and let myself wander up and down the aisles, drinking in everything I saw. It took about five minutes with a toddler in tow and two thousand or so books to re-shelve  to realize that that was a thing of the past.

But I love bookstores. They make me feel serene and happy. So I couldn’t just stop going.

Instead now we head straight for the children’s section. We grab a large stack of enticing books and find a cozy looking corner to settle in. Then, with one girl nestled on either side, we take the books for a test drive.

Yesterday our stack started out with just three books, but the girls took turns getting others to add to the pile. Before I knew it we had spent over an hour reading book after book. Some I rejected for being just too long or too boring, but for the most part I read them all from beginning to end. They didn’t want me to stop and I was loath to pass up an opportunity to cuddle my growing babies. So, with nowhere pressing to be and no looming bedtime, we just read on.

We eventually left the store with the book we most loved and two coloring books. I glanced at the stacks of freshly released paperbacks near the checkout counter, but didn’t grab anything for myself. I’ll go back one days soon, by myself to lose myself in the more grown-up sections of the store, this excursion was about the kids and helping them discover their own love of bookstores.

Girl with books

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