My little girls are Artists. That’s right, Artists with a capital A. They draw from sun up to sun down, creating endless works of art that used to clutter up every surface in the house. After spilling cups of tea and glasses of milk on one too many masterpieces and having one too many drawings slip off the door of the refrigerator I realized that we needed a better art organization solution.

The answer came to me after one of the girls had a tantrum because she couldn’t find her latest work to show off to a visitor.

An art gallery. In our home.

The wall in our back hallway had always stood bare. Too big for a long picture, too hidden away for anything truly decorative, I had never figured out just what to do with the space. With art being created nearly ’round the clock, I finally had my solution.

I purchased a few ribbons, some tiny binder clips, and grabbed a hammer and some nails. Moments later I had everything set up for our very own art show.

The girls picked out their favorite pieces and I got busy hanging them up.

These days we don’t shun the back hallway any more. Instead we direct all visitors to the space I used to hide from sight. The children show off their creations, beaming with pride, knowing that they helped make our home look extra special. I smile because I know that the art work is finally being put to good use instead of making my home even more cluttered than usual.

Pottery Barn Kids Art Cable

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