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Before I had children it wasn’t unthinkable for me to spend hours baking something delectable that looked as good as it tasted. Apple pie. Sugar cookies. Cakes. I was game for anything. I didn’t need to have a special occasion, just a nice stretch of empty time and a craving for something sweet.

Lucky for me both of my daughters love to bake too. So, while I no longer ever have nice stretches of empty time, I still get to put my stand mixer to good use.

As soon as they see me pull out the flour and sugar they run to grab their stools and come join me at the counter. We measure out ingredients, pour things into bowls, take turns stirring and we make a royal mess in the kitchen. It’s not quite the zen experience that baking used to be, but it’s fun and educational. The girls learn about measurements, ingredients and healthy eating. I learn to let go of my need for perfection.

Little kids don’t feel the need to make the roses on the cake picture perfect, they feel the need to express themselves in sprinkles, powdered sugar and anything else they can get their hands on. The result is tasty, but not quite as pretty as the deserts I used to make.

I’m learning to let go of that. The pride and joy that the girls feel from their time spent in the kitchen is well worth it.

This week as you create delectable Passover or Easter treats remember what I’ve learned: the end result is nowhere near as important as the process.

Preschooler decorating cookies

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  1. krellpw says:

    Great post. My 6 year old and I make pancakes from scratch one meal every weekend. It’s a great experience. He loves the process. I love that he’s so into it, and we both really enjoy the time together. Lots of giggles, on both our parts.

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