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Post by Jessica R.

“Mommy! I need a band-aid.”

I hear that every day, multiple times a day. Usually whoever is asking most definitely doesn’t need a band-aid. Usually they need a good hand washing, maybe a wipe. The marker comes off, the booboo goes away and we’re all better.

Sometimes however, there is a real need for a band-aid.

Take yesterday for instance. What started as a typical nutty morning came to a grinding halt when my four-year-old held up her wrist and asked for some ointment and a band-aid. I glanced over, expecting at worst to see a tiny scrape. Instead what I saw froze me to the spot.

All over the inside of her very red and very tender looking wrist were tons of teeny tiny splinters.

I’m not squeamish. I can remove splinters and perform other little medical procedures without flinching, but this was on my baby. And it hurts to have splinters removed.

For a minute I contemplated just coating the wound in ointment and letting someone at daycare handle the splinter removal. They would have done it too, but I couldn’t bear the thought of all those splinters staying in one more second. It was bad enough that I hadn’t noticed the wound the night before.

So I sat her down in front of Curious George, sterilized my tweezers in some rubbing alcohol and got to work pulling out one painful little splinter after another.

She didn’t say a word, but when I looked up and saw silent tears coursing down her face I died a little inside.

Sometimes being the responsible mommy isn’t much fun. I think I’ve really earned my World’s Best Mommy Mother’s Day card.

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  1. krellpw says:

    No doubt about it. You earned that Mommy Card for that one. Those are some of the toughest experiences as a parent.

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