We roughed it for Father’s Day this year. Even though my husband isn’t huge on camping, I like it and so I made our reservations a few weeks ago. We went out with a group of twelve for a weekend on the river. One other family, my own parents and even my brother in law (and his new girlfriend!) joined us.

Cute Campground

I should have sent out this adorable invite!

I’ve always liked camping. Girl Scouts, college camping club and a short stint working for an outdoor gear retailer have all put a love of nature in my heart. As a mom, though, I didn’t quite have the confidence to camp with my toddlers. We spend one weekend in a friend’s 5th wheel trailer where my baby pretty much spent his trip in the travel crib. Sad.

Now that my sons are older we’ve enjoyed some car-camping trips and I’m even thinking of planning some backpacking trips (maybe). Occasionally, we’ve even camped instead of staying in a hotel or motel for a night.

I also have scheduled a girls-only overnight with my best friend, just the two of us—no kids and no husbands allowed! While I love planning these big, family camp outs, the idea of just throwing a few things in the car and enjoying a glass of wine and campfire under the stars with my bestie sounds amazing. What do you moms think?

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