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There are so many Tiny Prints Holiday Photo Cards to chose from it’s a bit hard to decide. But before you even pick a card you have to make a first decision:  do you go with candid shots or do you dress everyone in their Sunday best and take a nice formal family shot?

Candid photos are so fun and show off a family’s ‘real’ side to friends and family who don’t get to see you all the time. But formal shots are special and really festive.

So what’s the answer?

Do you fit pictures full of life like these

Monkey-in' around

Beautiful First Braids

into cards like these?

Linked Timeline Holiday Photo Card

Vintage Scrapbook Trifold Holiday Card

Or do you find a more formal style that will set off your formal shots nicely?

What are you? A candid holiday card family or a formal holiday card family? And which one do you put front and center on your mantle?

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3 Responses

  1. Holly Bowne says:

    I’m a total candid-shot card fan! I always used a candid photo of both kids as the cover of our Christmas card for years. Now I actually make up a collage of candid family shots that have been taken throughout the year.

  2. Paul K. says:

    We’ve always used candid shots in the past, and I’m already browsing the family archives for photos for this years cards. Having said that, my wife has had both of our children in for sessions with a professional photographer within the last week.

    Looks like a change may be blowing in the wind.

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