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Your baby’s first year will fly by in a blur and, really, no amount of entreats by well-meaning older ladies in the grocery store to “Enjoy!” It goes so fast!” is going to help you actually remember all of those precious little details.

Your memory is going to require a little assistance. Lucky for you, it won’t be too taxing for your already tired brain.

1) The one picture per week method.

Before your baby is born find an adorable mid-sized stuffed animal. At the end of every week prop up your baby next to the stuffed animal and place a sign somewhere near the duo that says “X weeks old.” Snap a picture.

At the end of the year you’ll have 52 pictures (or in my case 520 pictures because I can’t ever take just one picture) chronicling your baby’s amazing growth. When you finally emerge from that hazy first year you can compile them in a sweet photo book. You’ll never tire of flipping through it. (Also makes a fabulous grandparent gift!)

Lucie Week 1

2) A year in  52 minutes video.

If you still have a camcorder that works on tapes (I know! Ancient!) pick a 60 minute tape that you will dedicate to this project. If you’re working with a fancy digital model designate a computer folder for this collection.  At the end of every week take one minute of video of your child. State how old he is and then just let the camera roll. At first a minute will seem like a year, but as your baby grows more active you’ll have to remind yourself to stop taping after 60 seconds. (Feel free to resume video taping after switching tapes.)

At the end of the year you have a one hour tape (or computer folder) of your baby growing up—literally in front of your eyes.

3) Keep a journal.

It doesn’t have to be bound, it doesn’t have to be orderly, it doesn’t even have to really make all that much sense, but keep a notebook handy and take a second here or there to jot down 1) something you want to remember, 2) something you might want to forget, 3) whatever crosses your mind at that moment – yes, even if it’s that the laundry needs to be done, the child needs to be changed, the bottles need to be washed, or that the next feeding is in 3.42 minutes.

At the end of the year you’ll have a hodgepodge collection of all the things that might have otherwise slipped your mind. It might not seem like much today, but one day you’ll treasure that book.

There are hundreds of other methods for immortalizing that first year. These are just a start. And don’t forget, enjoy it! It’s goes so fast. (Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.)

Lucie 6 months

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  1. Kelly Tirman says:

    RE: “Before your baby is born find an adorable mid-sized stuffed animal. At the end of every week prop up your baby next to the stuffed animal”

    What a great idea! Although I have been taking a picture every month – it would have been great to incorporate a stuffed animal from the beginning.

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