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If you want to encourage your child to help you in the kitchen it’s probably a good idea to make your kitchen child friendly. There are a few easy things you can do to make it easy for your child to help set the table, empty the dishwasher, or have access to healthy snacks.

1) Put the kid plates, cups and cutlery low down

Most kitchens are set up so that you put dinnerware and glasses up high and cookware down low. In a child friendly kitchen it should be the opposite. If you reserve a low cabinet or drawer for all that lovely plasticware then they can set their own spot at the table. Even better, you might avoid the millionth conversation about who’s getting the butterfly plate and why the pink plate is dirty. (What? Is that just in my house?)

2) Create a kid pantry

Instead of worrying every time your child ventures into the pantry, create a child friendly pantry filled with approved snacks and food. You’ll avoid unnecessary spillage of pastas, rice, flour or worse. Even better, you’ll empower your child to make good food choices.

Worried about over eating? Portion out the food into baggies or plastic containers and only put out the ideal amount for a day. Once the pantry is empty, snacks for the day are all done! On the first day you might feel a little resistance, but your children will quickly learn to pace themselves.

3) Create a kid safe shelf on the fridge

Give your child even more ways to help himself in the kitchen by putting the things he wants from the fridge right at his reach. If your fridge doesn’t have a water dispenser you can put a small plastic water pitcher on the lower shelf of the fridge. You can also stock that shelf with cheese sticks, yogurts, cut veggies and fruit. All the sorts of things you’ll encourage letting him help himself to.

Look around your kitchen. How else can you make it a space your child will feel welcome and self confident in?

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  1. sydney says:

    I need some ideas for things to stock in my fridge for my boys who are 5 and 2. I just feel uncreative and at a dead end for ideas…

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