Mom Talk – Egg Planters

Post by Jessica R.

Last week my daughter declared that on the first day of Spring she wanted to plant something. I made happy enthusiastic sounds, but inside I cringed. We are not a family of green thumbs. Our garden is beautiful… thanks to some particularly bright and cheery wildflowers and weeds which frame the sad, pathetic remnants of everything we ever intentionally tried to grow.

But who was I to try to dampen her gardening aspirations?

On my next trip to the grocery store I found some potting soil and flower seeds labeled “easy to grow even in the shade.” With any luck even we can make that happen. She did say she only wanted to plant something, she never said she wanted to watch it grow…

At home I sent everyone outside for the great planting project. To make it extra fun and eco-friendly (and also because I had forgotten to think of pots) I cleaned out some egg shells to be used as planters.

Not surprisingly our flowers have not yet grown, but I’m not giving up hope quite yet. Though it might help if one of us remembered to water them every so often…

If you have some left over eggs this weekend (maybe some that don’t quite make it through the egg decorating process) you might want to try this project yourself. Who knows, we could start a whole forest of little egg planters! Aren’t they cute?

Family Fun Egg Planter

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  1. ohh… i bought an egg planters before.. its really an eggshell and you’ll just crack the top and add water to it. sadly, I don’t have a greenthumb as well, so it died… but it could have been fun. i hope yours will grow nicely… =)


  2. Ellie says:

    Wow! So that’s how one grows green eggs?

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