Mom Talk: Enjoy the Moment

Post by Jessica R.

I joked yesterday about how all too many people tell you to enjoy your child’s infancy because it goes so fast. Annoyingly, it’s all too true. So is the other favorite quote: “The hours are long, but the days are short.”

It’s hard to stop and take in a smile or a coo in the middle of all the diapering, bottle washing, laundry, cleaning up, napping, addressing Birth Announcements,  sitting comatose on the couch, and everything else that fills up a new mommy’s day.

And yet I’m going to join the choir and remind you to stop. Take it in. Gaze into your baby’s eyes. Coo back. Smile back. Blow a raspberry on her belly. Revel in these tiny fleeting moments.

In a year you’ll still be folding laundry, washing dishes, and picking up after everyone, but instead of having a sweet infant to cuddle with for a moment you’ll have a squirmy toddler who has no time for your loving.

Plus I promise that the echo of your baby’s giggle makes folding laundry ten times easier. Honest.

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  1. Ellie says:

    As the mom of a 23 year old son, I can attest that ALL of childhood goes by quickly. There is something to savor at every age, and I miss my son at each age–though I still adore the adult he is becoming (yes, at 23 he’s still changing and growing.)

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