This morning, as happens most mornings, I woke up to my twenty-seven pound cat landing on my bed. I’m sure all of you are thinking “Twenty-seven pounds! How can a cat weigh twenty-seven pounds?” Well, Max is a Maine Coon, a breed of cat that is pretty large to begin with—and even among Maine Coon cats, he’s a giant. We have another Maine Coon cat who is only eighteen pounds, and everyone thinks he’s huge… until they see Max.

Max the 27 lb Maine Coon Cat

Max, my 27 lb Maine Coon cat/alarm clock!

My son and our smaller Maine Coon cat.

Noche, our “smaller” 18 lb cat with my son.

What I really don’t understand is why Max needs to come to my bedroom to do his pouncing. I have two boys with beds just as cushy as mine. And I know for a fact that my sons would love to have the cats come try to snuggle up to them in the (early) morning. Each boy is always trying to get a cat to come to bed with him to cuddle—that is why we got these big furballs in the first place. Everyone knows that kids and pets are a great match.

Especially when the kids take care of the pets’ litter box and feeding—it “teaches responsibility”, right? Love that!

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