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When the sun goes down and the stars light up the sky and all the campers carefully make their way to the campfire site, a hush generally falls over the crowd. The rowdy kids settle down, the nervous kids relax and by the time everyone is seated around the fire an introspective mood can be felt all around.

Whenever I have been to camp, be it with kids or adults, for a month or just a weekend, camp directors have used this time to address camp issues, hand out praise, discuss upcoming events and generally take advantage of the momentary peace to connect with kids. When the camp fire is over everyone feels a bit more connected and settled and the night is filled with peace and harmony.

Even if you camp isn’t on your family’s summer agenda, you can create a similar experience by taking your kids outside after the stars have appeared, sitting on a cozy blanket and connecting for a moment in the dark. At the very least you’ll share a sweet moment with your kids. At the best you’ll create a summertime tradition that helps your family feel more connected.

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