You don’t always love what your kids love.

For me, it’s birds. I hate them. Or, rather, I’m terrified of them. Something about their wings send me into a panic. It’s a completely irrational fear that I have tried hard to keep from my children because I didn’t want to influence them one way or another.

Today, I still go a bit quiet at the sight of a bird, but my girls have no fear of winged creatures. For the most part they even help me by running towards the birds and scaring them away.

It’s an agreement that usually works out perfectly—I don’t scream, and they make sure that the birds never get too close. In fact, it works so well I rarely even think twice about it. Then, once in a while, I come across a fun exhibit, a neat adventure or a fun craft that makes me have to face my fear of birds so that my girls can benefit from the new experience.

This morning it was this bird feeder.

Betty Crocker Bird Feeder

I can see myself having fun making it with the girls and turning it into a great learning experience. I can see them loving hanging it up, finding the perfect spot in the garden. But I’m not sure I can see how I could put up with the result – a yard full of birds, even if their delight would be uncontainable.

Do you have a fear or a phobia that comes between you and what you want to do with your children?

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