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My daughters love nothing more than to break out their box of crayons and get busy coloring page after page of their notebooks, loose-leaf paper, or coloring books. And while it’s something I heartily encourage, it’s not something I usually partake in.

While they color I clean up, cook dinner, or do any of the other zillion things that I somehow always seem to need to do.

One day last week I looked over at the table where they were bent over their respective coloring pages and noticed my husband sitting with them, cerulean blue in his hand. I sidled over to see what he was doing.

As it turns out he was coloring the accent flower on Ariel’s outfit.

“Mommy? Are you going to color too?” My 4-year-old asked me hopefully as my husband just shrugged sheepishly.

“It’s fun.” He said as he handed me the book of Disney Princess coloring pages.

I looked over a the pile of dishes waiting to be put in the dishwasher and sat down. Some moments just need to be grabbed.

I picked a page to color and carefully tore it out of the book. Then I found the mango tango and got to work on Ariel’s hair.

We all worked silently side by side, engrossed in our own creations. Our silence only punctuated by brief “Pass me the green please?” or “Wow! I like what you’re doing over there!” or even with just contented sighs and the quiet scritch of a crayons covering pieces of paper.

I’d say the girls got the most out of our crayon interlude, but it just wouldn’t be true. For once instead of pulling them along, making them do what we do, we sat down and took the time to enjoy what they do, and it was a truly delightful relaxing moment for all of us.

I highly recommend it.

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  1. krellpw says:

    Great post. I have found that whenever possible, if I take 10-15 minutes each morning and engage in whatever activity my 6yr old is involved in, be it coloring, Lego building, or just reading quietly, invariably, we both go out the door with smiles on our faces.

  2. ellie says:

    Too often to mention! I love to color.

    I once heard a stand up comedian say she had learned how to be left alone on airplanes. When someone starts to chat, she pulls out a coloring book and crayons…

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