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When your baby is born in the middle of winter, a huge part of you wants to stay holed up inside and keep your precious bundle safe from all the flu germs that might be floating around. It’s also easier to crank up the heat and get cozy on the couch than it is to stuff cute little baby arms into bulky snowsuits that you have to take off as soon as you arrive at your destination.

That said, being alone for months on end with just an infant to keep you company can have terrible side effects—both on your health and your ability to form coherent sentences.

So get out there already!

– Call up a friend who will understand that all you want to do is talk about diapers and bottles and go for a walk. Assuming that it’s not below zero out there, the fresh air will do wonders for your mood and might even help your baby sleep better.

– Check out what museums are open in the morning when fewer patrons will be walking around. It might not be your favorite kind of art, but it beats another showing of Sesame Street.

– Find a local coffee shop and go treat yourself to a double whip nonfat latte.

– Find a mother’s group. It’s a safe place where everyone else will understand the critical nature of hand sanitizer and will forgive you that stained shirt that maybe you should have changed two days ago.

Getting out and seeing people will make the days go faster and will help keep the baby blues at bay. Plus it’ll give you a chance to gush about how cute your baby is in that new outfit, something that’s hard to do when the only person you see is yourself in the mirror.

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