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Anyone who has been pregnant during a season of Project Runway featuring an also pregnant Heidi Klum knows two things:

1) No one else in the world is that gorgeous when pregnant.

2) No one else in the world is that stylish when pregnant.

If Heidi Klum were anyone else she would have left it at that. But not only is she gorgeous and stylish, she’s also classy and awesome, so she has created Lavish, a line of maternity wear that reflects her personal style.

Now you can look just as put together and beautiful as Heidi, even if you’re 8 months pregnant and feel anything but put together and beautiful.

All you have left to do is practice saying auf wiedersehen in a delightful German accent as you wave people off the stage. Or am I pushing the analogy too far?

Lavish by Heidi Klum

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