When I first learned I was pregnant I went on a bit of a diaper bag shopping spree. I bought big bags, little bags, cute bags, and not so very practical bags. I looked for something that could hold what I imagined babies might need. I hunted for something my husband might be willing to carry when we were out and about. And I looked for something fun, because I was not yet a new mom and I still hadn’t gone on cute-overload.

When my daughter was born I returned most of the bags that I had purchased (and one very, very fancy and completely impractical bag that someone gave us as a gift) and got a practical baby backpack. It had lots of compartments including a thermal pocket for baby bottles. It had handy straps and a changing pad. It even had multiple openings to make everything easily accessible even when juggling a baby.

It was a great bag, but it wasn’t exactly fun.

Now that my kids are bigger and I no longer have a need for a diaper bag, I have just one question. Would it be odd for me to carry this diaper bag around? Because it might just be too cute to pass up.

Hello Kitty Diaper bag

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  1. Andrea says:


    No it is not crazy to keep the bag ….. it is fun and creative of you to use it for yourself or even better give it to your daughter’s… have fun wild using it….!!!!

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