The majority of new people I meet are more likely to relate to me as “so-and-so’s mom” than by my title at work. That’s why I carry personal contact cards, or as we call them at Tiny Prints, “Mommy Cards.”

These stylish little slips of paper come in handy all the time!

For example: “Oh, you’re starting an online group for the school band? Here’s my card with my email on it.”

Or how about: “It’s going to be a great season, Coach! This is my cell number. Of course, I’d be happy to do the snacks schedule.”

And then there is the classic: “My son is in the fifth grade, too. We should get them together sometime. Here’s my card—call me!”

We’re all busy parents and need to stick together, so get prepared with some chic contact cards (from Tiny Prints, of course!).

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