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Summer parties area blast, but when you throw in a make-it-yourself ice cream fun, you take your party to the next level. No matter how old or young your guests might be, no one turns down their noses at a well stocked ice cream bar!

Plan an assortment of ice cream—some classics and some more adventurous flavors—and leave the ice cream out for a bit so that it softens and is easy to scoop. Outrageous flavors are all the rage this summer, but if you’re going to serve jalapeno pepper or garlic ice cream, keep your audience in mind when you stock up! I don’t know too many half pint adventurous ice cream eaters.

Once you have your ice cream flavors all sorted out, that’s when the fun can really start.

Put out bowls of all sorts of “mix-ins” and toppings—candy, chocolate, crumbled cookies, broken ice cream cones, chopped up fruit, tiny marshmallows, cereal, bits of meringue, sprinkles (Jimmies if you’re out in the Boston area!), fudge, butterscotch, fluff and anything else you think might be fun. Give your guest the option of eating their ice cream in a bowl, on a cone or even in a cookie sandwich.

Then stand by and watch the fun! Just be sure to keep a camera and a ton of baby wipes on hand. The first to capture the creations for posterity’s sake, the second to wipe up the inevitable mess that’s a side effect of so much entertainment!

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  1. Ces says:

    what a great idea as an addition to a big party or just a smaller celebration on its own

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