Which Mom Talk blogger will be unexpectedly spending her Christmas morning without her husband and kids this year? Wow, it’s me. 

My husband found out at the last minute that he will have to work this Christmas day and cannot travel as we had planned to during the holidays. Our two sons and even my in-laws have already flown away to my mother’s home to enjoy a record-breaking Christmas gathering, which we had expected to join! I don’t want to leave my husband alone for the holiday, though, so I am choosing to stay here instead of travelling to join the rest of our family as planned.

I feel sad that we’re missing all the family fun we’d been anticipating—the boys waking us up early to see what Santa brought, flipping pancakes in our new pajamas for our cozy Christmas breakfast and celebrating with the whole clan at my mom’s for Christmas dinner. 

Still, I’ve got a pretty positive outlook on life in general and I find myself just rolling with the punches with this predicament the same as I usually do. I’m thinking that my new smartphone’s video calling feature will come in handy this Sunday! I’m also planning to make the most of this unexpected gift of a lot of time alone with my husband and looking forward to creating a special celebration with our sons when we are reunited.

I’d love some advice from you sensible moms who have handled holiday separations, too. Or perhaps some fun ideas from you savvy singles who know how to make the most of your holiday time off? Let me know—I’m all ears!

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