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On Monday I spied some adorable fleece blankets on the post-Valentine’s Day sale rack and grabbed them, thinking that the girls would get a kick out of having bright red blankets covered in white hearts. I couldn’t have been more right. They bypassed all the other heart shaped goodies that I had snagged and made a beeline for the blankets, ripping them out of their wrappers and disappearing into the living room, trailing their new treasures.

I took advantage of the momentary quiet to start dinner and then went to find them. I fully expected to see them playing ‘bedtime’ – their favorite game – but instead I found my living room turned upside down.

A cluster of four chairs were huddled in the middle of the room, covered by both of the new blankets. Cushions pulled from the couch were poking out from under the chairs, as were an impressive number of stuffed animals. As I leaned forward to peer under the blanket the two-year-old bumped into me from behind.

“S’cuse me mama. I have to go into the fort!” She said proudly. She was carrying the tray of crayons and had a coloring book tucked under her arm. A quick peek into the fort revealed her older sister, resting on a cushion, already armed with her own coloring book.

I let the little one scoot in and let the blanket drop back down, envying them the cozy little space they had just created for themselves.

Forts are one of those kid things that somehow get handed down generation to generation. I remember making them with my friends. Ours usually involved couch cushions and coffee tables. But who says that a fort can’t be a little more stylish and feature hearts for once?

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