Last week report cards came home and so this week I it was time to meet the teacher. I attended not just a parent-teacher conference at my son’s elementary school, but a parent-teacher-student conference (read: “Performance Review”). Yes, in the fifth grade (and sometimes even sooner!) the teachers are requesting that the student also be in attendance—no more gossiping now, I guess!

I had hoped to find out how my son is doing on the playground and if he was still falling asleep in class (yes, really, he does). But, alas, we were instructed to come prepared: my son was supposed to have picked a character trait and academic goal to work on in the next grading period.

This felt eerily like the employee goal setting process I go through regularly myself—I suppose it is never too soon to master your HR skills.

Are your school-aged kids also accompanying you to your “parent-teacher” conferences? What do you think about it?

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