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Ever since having my kids, I must admit that I am convinced that kids make the best accessories.

Now I’m not saying that you should all run out and get yourselves pregnant so that you can join the ranks of Hollywoodites toting around cute little babies in their fashionista slings. I just mean that next time you’re standing in front of your closet lamenting your pre-baby wardrobe and sighing at the sight of your possibly frumpy, most likely stained mommy clothes, don’t despair.

Pick the most basic outfit in your closet, something comfortable and somewhat flattering, then go pick out your child’s cutest, most irresistible outfit. You know, the one you spent more money on than you’ll ever be able to admit to your mother-in-law.

Then, you can walk into any event – wedding, preschool meeting, playgroup, office party –with an adorably dressed child and no one will ever notice what you’re wearing. And fine, yes, if you really want to emulate the Hollywood elite, by all means, invest in a stunning sling. But I guarantee that that’s not what is going to distract people from the stain it happens to be covering up.

Having your kids with you also works great if you’re a bit nervous about what to say or how to act in a new situation.  Afterall, a well dressed baby or child is the ultimate ice breaker.

In fact, it worked for me last Friday when I was a bit nervous about attending my first Tiny Prints’ staff event – the rocking annual office Halloween party. Big bash, tons of amazing costumes, and a room packed with people I had barely met. I threw my shoulders back, grabbed the hands of my Witch Princess and her little sister the Cowgirl Princess, and strode in. It worked perfectly. No one noticed that I wasn’t dressed up or that they hardly knew me. All they saw were my two adorable little accessories.

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  1. Shannan says:

    That is the absolute truth! If your kids are look adorable, no one pays the slightest bit of attention to what you’re wearing. Their cuteness overpowers all stains, tears, and even mismatched socks!

  2. Anna Fieler says:

    So true! Not that I need it, but now I feel even more justified to splurge more on my toddler girls’ outfits than my own 🙂

  3. Jessica- this is brilliant and so wise. absolutely true. After I had my sons, I remember no-one really even wanted to see me & my husband, a fact we both lamented and yet were relieved by, since we were so exhausted and unrepresentable.

    I used to call my sons my “bodyguards”, since I never went anywhere without them.

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