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In my world there is just no such thing as “left-over” candy of any sort – Easter, Halloween, Christmas – it’s all just “candy that hasn’t been eaten yet.” But I know that some people get very anxious when there are mounds of candy left over in their homes. Visions of sugared up children running around and diets thrown to the wind dance in their heads.

So what to do with all that candy? The jelly beans, Peeps, Kisses, and everything else that made its way into gaily colored baskets this past weekend?

1) Get creative in the kitchen

Save the candy to decorate cakes and cookies that you’ll be making in the coming weeks. Most of it will keep for a long time or can easily be frozen. While you wait.

Peeps Sunflower Cake
Peeps Sunflower Cake by One For the Table

2) Get creative at the art table
Peeps make fabulous little diorama creatures! Jelly Beans and M&Ms are perfect for collages. Get some glue and a few sheets of paper and let that creativity soar!

3) Get creative in the science lab!
Put your little scientists to work! What happens to a Peep in the freezer? What happens to Jelly Beans or Kisses in the microwave? Draw up a chart and have your kids make hypotheses about what will happen to each type of candy in the freezer, the microwave, or in the oven. Then test the hypotheses! Who was right?

4) If after all that you still have more left over?
Go back to #1 and cook up more candy fun!

S'meeps by Serious Eats
S’meeps anyone?”

(For more Easter left-over recipes, check out this Parenting.com article and links!)

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