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When I was growing up I had a close friend who kept a careful log of what she wore to school every day. She lived in fear of wearing the same outfit two Tuesdays in a row or more than once in a week. I did not share her phobia. I could barely remember what t-shirt I had worn the day before let alone a week earlier, and I just couldn’t muster up the energy required to worry about something as trivial as clothes.

I assumed that my own kids would follow in my vein.

I was wrong.

“Mommy! I have to wear my brown shirt today because Lauren is wearing her brown shirt today! We planned it!”

My daughter is four. She won’t wear green, hates jeans and her tutus have to match her shirt. She doesn’t take dance classes, she just wears tutus because they’re pretty. And when she’s made plans to wear the same thing as her friend, I better either have that shirt clean or be willing to pull it out of the hamper.

I’ve even been known to help her coordinate her outfits by text.

“C says that she and A agreed to wear dresses, but it’s raining. Are leggings ok?”

The reply arrived at the same time as the realization that one day in the not so distant future I might have to call that old friend to ask her about her calendaring technique.

“Of course leggings are OK. A’s are going to be black. How about C’s?”

I pulled out my daughter’s black leggings and made sure the dress didn’t clash. Then I grabbed the first t-shirt off the teetering pile on the armchair in my room.

After all, just because my kids are going to care about how they’re dressed doesn’t mean I’m going to change my ways!

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