Mom Talk: Mail Time

The mailbox holds a certain fascination for kids. They don’t seem to know that most of the letters that come through the slot are bills or direct mail fliers, they just know that every so often we get really excited when something “real” comes in. A package. A post card. A lovingly handwritten greeting card.

When we get home at the end of the day, they dash to the mailbox to see what has come in. They bring me the stack beaming with pride, especially when the letters are bright and shiny. I try to be discrete when I slide the junk mail into the recycling box, but I think they can tell when the mail hasn’t held any fun surprises.

Those are the days they’ll rush off with a glint in their eyes. I’ll hear them whispering and giggling as I start to prepare dinner and then they’ll call me with exaggerated cheeriness.

“Mommy! Mommy! There’s something else in the mailbox! Come quick!”

I’ll play the game and go see.

Some days it’s a picture, some days it’s a card, some day’s it’s even one of their favorite books, snagged from the bookshelf near the door. No matter what the surprise, it always makes me smile, and my squeals of delight don’t even need to be faked. There’s nothing better than getting a personalized surprise in the mail.


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