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At some point last summer, someone gifted me the single most helpful kitchen tool I’ve ever owned. Considering the fact that I probably have the best stocked kitchen this side of the Mississippi, that’s actually saying a lot.

It’s not my blender, my chopper, my grater or even my stand mixer. And it wasn’t until I had children that this particular tool came in handy.

Wusthof Pull-Apart Shears

It’s the simplest tool possible, but having my kitchen shears at hand has really changed dinner time at our house. They make short work of chicken nuggets, pizza, even spaghetti! Freeing up my time to actually eat my own dinner instead of hacking away at everyone’s dinner with a dull knife.

I’m a pretty mellow mom. I don’t get upset if paint is spilled or marker somehow ends up on the couch cushions, but I’ve become nothing short of obsessed about my kitchen shears. If anyone even looks like they’re considering using them for an art project or to open a package I fly across the room and snatch them out of harms way.

What can I say? I’ve gotten a taste for eating a warm dinner and I refuse to go back to my pre-shears days!

Have any “little helpers” come to your rescue in the kitchen or at home since you had children?

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