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The kids were fed and almost ready for bed when a friend of mine and I handed off the reigns to our husbands and skipped out gleefully to an intimate dinner of sushi and wine. We laughed, we cried, we vented, raved, and talked about everything that came to mind. We didn’t have to cut anyone’s food, beg anyone to stay seated, or have to confiscate any chopsticks that were about to be turned into weapons. Best of all we were only interrupted by the waitress who came by to refill our wines and check that all was fine.

It was all oh, so fine.

Whether they’re work-at-home, stay-at-home, wish-they-were-at-home moms or any variation between, moms work hard. And, really, no one understands that better than another mom, but we all too rarely get together to commiserate and laugh about the ups and downs of our days. It’s such a shame because nothing makes you able to laugh at all of it more than, well, laughing about it with a friend who really gets it.

Around 11pm I got a text from my husband wondering where I was, sweetly asking if I was alright. I read between the lines and told my friend it was time to call it a night. We reluctantly paid our bill and headed to the car, still chatting a mile a minute.

The next morning cleaning up the kitchen for the millionth time didn’t seem as annoying, nor did any of the other repetitive tasks that make up my day. As I loaded the washer with a load of pinks I made a mental note to schedule another Mom’s Night Out soon. No occasion, no reason, just because sometimes it’s good to hang out with our “co-workers.”

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