Mom Talk – Morning Cuddles

Post by Jessica R.

On occasion I crack my eyes open early in the morning and I’m ready to roll out of bed and get the day going, but most often, I crack my eyes open and then shut them tight again. When you’ve been up three or more times during the night an extra five minutes of shut-eye are nothing to sneeze at.

This morning was one of those mornings. My husband got up at ten to seven and I figured I had a good twenty more minutes before I absolutely had to get up. I got good and cozy and shut my eyes. Next thing I knew it was twenty five minutes later and a little girl was saying rather loudly “Daddy! I go see mama? OK?”

I was still trying to figure out if I still had enough time to shower before my husband would be leaving for work when she scampered into our room, head a mass of crazy curly bedhead, massive grin and shining eyes lighting up her face. She made a beeline for the bed and started to clamber up the side. I took pity on her and reached out a hand for her to grab.

I was rewarded with a big sloppy kiss that still smelled faintly of the yogurt she had just had for breakfast.

“I snuggle with mama!” she said, lifting up the covers to slide herself beside me.

She settled herself with a sigh and I pulled her close to banish the cold she had just let in. She rested her head on the pillow while I took advantage of the moment to let my eyes slide shut again. I should have known better. There’s no such thing as sleeping in when your two-year-old wants to cuddle. She chattered about her morning while I nodded and every time I cracked open an eye to peer at her she’d beam at me and chirp a cheery “Good morning Mommy!” But when it comes to sleep I’m not easily deterred; I didn’t completely give up until she started to explore the inside of my ears with her little fingers.

“What’s inside dere Mommy?” She asked and I opened my eyes again and turned my attention to her. I’ll sleep when she’s in college. For now I have a little girl to enjoy.

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