Mom Talk – Music in the Car

Post by Jessica R.

During one commute, which was to all extents and purposes exactly like every other commute the girls and I do every day, I was bouncing my head around and singing along to the radio, when my 4-year-old’s voice interrupted my off key rendition of Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.”

“Mama? What do they mean ‘smoking funny things?'”

I paused, my mind racing. What do I say? What do I say? How far back do I go? Do I explain what smoking is? Do I talk to her about drugs? How much does she really want to know? For that matter, how much does she really need to know? She is only four. Maybe I should rethink my ‘no kid music in the car’ policy. It might be annoying, but at least I’d be safe from questions like these. I mean, I knew they were listening to the music. I just never thought they were listening to the words!

I used my favorite stalling technique to gain some time.

“Wow. That’s a great question. What do you think they were smoking?”

She was quiet for a moment, sign that she was pondering the question carefully.

“I don’t know. Maybe something like… a teddy bear? That would have been funny. Because they’re grown-ups. Or maybe a bicycle! That would be really funny!”

Within moments she and her sister are cracking each other up, thinking of more funny things. Their giggles drown out the rest of the song.

Crisis has been averted. My big “Say No to Drugs” talk can be tabled for another year or five.

I let them giggle away and go back to headbopping to the music. My no kid music policy can live on. Everything is just fine.

Which is when she interrupts me again.

“Mommy? What’s a poker face?”

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3 Responses

  1. lea says:

    haha, i love this! “maybe something like…a teddy bear?” – hahaha, your girls sound adorable!

  2. Ellie says:

    Wait, that was a Kids’ Rock song? Oh no, a Kid Rock song. Now I get it…

  3. Rox says:

    Love it! I get around this issue by downloading a lot of “clean” versions of my favorite music by artists like Pink, Gwen Stefani, etc. … but, even with that, my kids have heard the “real” ones and understand that they can’t scream “f**ker” like Pink does at the end of her “Funhouse” song (and can’t sing long with that part!). Of course, some stuff has to be censored altogether, like rap that is offensive (even if I find it entertaining) and overly-sexual songs (same)… but I’ll throw it all out the window come their middle-school years.

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