Mom Talk: Nice Nails

As a mom of two boys, you’d probably think that I don’t get that much “girl time” in my routine. But you may be surprised to hear that, actually, I do get plenty of time for things like getting my nails done or going to the spa.

What I don’t get, though, is any company. My husband and adolescent sons never want to go get mani-pedis with me or any of that “girl stuff”, and they are more than happy to let me go my own way when spa time is on the agenda. So I usually have to recruit a girlfriend or go it alone.

However, lately I don’t feel so lonely in my love for nice nails. A huge interest in nail polish trends has been cropping up with all the stylish ladies in our office. My friends and coworkers are showing off nails in bright neon, creamy pastels, sparkling glitters and so much more. Specialty bottles of fancy enamels have even been ordered online and ooh-ed and aah-ed over when they have arrived.  It’s pretty fun to have the beauty salon come to you! And to have some friends to share your interest.

Inspired by my chic colleagues here at the office, I’ve even given some pretty polishes out as gifts to my girlfriends and their daughters. Wouldn’t this gift tag be adorable with a couple of bright nail polishes or a fun spa gift?

Posh Polish gift tag

"Posh Polish" gift tag by Tiny Prints

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