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Today the day dawned bright and clear, not a trace of a rain cloud in the sky. A quick glance at the forecast in the paper and I cheerfully told the girls that they could wear dresses today.

I thought that for once I’d be able to dress them quickly without the usual “No I won’t wear that!” skirmish.

I was wrong.

Finding a dress for the little one was easy, finding one for the older one was a whole other issue. Every dress that she could wear comfortably last summer fell way above her knees today. To be somewhat decent she would have had to wear leggings or shorts under the dress, completely defeating the purpose.

As each rejected dress came to land in her younger sister’s laundry hamper her face fell further and further. She loved those dresses. They were the first she helped me pick out and she treasured each and every one.

I found a pair of shorts that fit and unearthed a cute t-shirt that matched while she looked on longingly at her little sister twirling around in one of her “new” dresses.

It’s supposed to rain for the next three days, giving me a few days to fulfill the hasty promise that returned a sparkle to her eyes and a smile to her face: lots of pretty new dresses so she can twirl around, too.

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