My daughters love to help me in the kitchen. They’ll sit and watch me chop onions. They’ll snag pieces of mozzarella. They’ll even munch on some basil if I leave it lying around.

What they love most, however, is helping me bake, which is really amazing because my husband won’t let them lick the bowl. I guess the prospect of the end result is enough to keep them mesmerized through egg breaking, flour sifting and lots and lots of mixing.

Because of their growing baking passion I like to find fun things to make in the kitchen. Cookies are always a hit as are cupcakes. Especially if I let them decorate the cookies at will. I don’t mind. Cookies taste just as good whether the decorations are perfect or a bit less so.

I think that for our next project I’m not going to try to choose between cookies and cupcakes. I’m going to let myself be inspired by Bakerella’s latest creation: Pillow cookies.

It’s a brownie. Inside a cookie. And yes, it looks just as good as it sounds.

Bakerella Pillow Cookies

No amount of “creative” decorating could make these cookies unappealing!

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