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When I was a kid spending all of my summers on the beach with my cousins, we would either spend our days flying from planet to planet in a sandy spaceship filled with sandy dials, levers and knobs or running glitzy restaurants that served the latest in sand cakes, buns and other delectables.

At best we had a couple of shovels and pails to assist us, but usually we used our hands to recreate fantastical worlds in the sand.

Years later I was delighted to discover my own children, entirely without prompting, serving up their own version of the sand cake. I took the sandy treat gently into my hands and pretended to nibble at the edge making mmmmm sounds and smacking my lips.

The girls, delighted, ran back to their pile of wet sand to make me more treats. And I, like my mom all those years ago, sat back, picked up my book and went back to reading.

Maybe next time we go to the beach, I’ll show them how to make a sand spaceship.

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