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Thanksgiving weekend 2006 was almost over and we were all sitting in the living room chatting about nothing the way one does when they know they have to leave but they don’t want to just right that second.

We had just finished lunch maybe an hour or so before, but all of a sudden I was hungry. And I wanted a banana. Slathered with peanut butter. The mere thought of the sticky peanut butter and the silky sweet banana was making me drool. I almost pushed my toddler out of my way in my haste to get to the kitchen.

And that’s where, putting my banana hastily dipped in peanut butter into my mouth, that I realized what was going on.

Some quick mental math confirmed it.

I didn’t need a pregnancy test to tell me what the banana/peanut butter combo was screaming.

With each pregnancy I craved peanut butter and banana sandwiches, avocados, and one memorable day McDonald’s French Fries. Those things are such a part of my pregnancy memories that today, most definitely not pregnant, seeing any of those foods takes me right back to those days when I wasn’t in control of what my appetite demanded.

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  1. krellpw says:

    For my wife it was red meat and potatoes done almost any way imaginable. To long for blog comments, but sometime I’ll have to share the “Whopper with cheese” incident.

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