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Well over half of the people traveling for Thanksgiving are going to do so by car, which is all fun and games until someone in the back seat starts to whine and cry. Then the trip stops being all “Yay! Over the hill to Grandmother’s house we go!” and starts being way more, “Don’t make me pull over!”

Your trip doesn’t have to end that way. Not if you follow these tips.

1) Plan your departure time wisely.

If you child still naps and naps well in the car, then leave just at nap time. If your child never sleeps in the car then don’t.

2) Know your child.

When is he happiest and most upbeat? That’s the best time to travel.

3) Plan a few stops along the way.

Stopping to stretch your legs every two or three hours might seem like it would slow you down terribly, but it’ll make the time go faster.

4) Snack time!

Fun snacks make the road trip, no doubt about it. But plan wisely; too much sugar and chocolate might just backfire on you. As will too much water or soda.

5) Games! Games! Games!

You could all sit in the car and stare out the window, lost in your own thoughts, or you could have fun all the way!

‘I spy,’ ‘Name that Tune,’  and ‘The Alphabet Game’ can all be adapted to the ages and stages of the car’s occupants. Click here for the rules and for other fun games that will keep the whines at bay. ‘

6) Toys for more entertainment.

Snacks, songs, and car games only go so far to keep your family amused so you might also consider bringing along a few toys. Game consoles, Magna Doodles, and coloring books and crayons are usually a hit, but if you’re not sure what to bring, ask your child for input.

7) Be safe.

When the car is on, all the seat belts stay on. Simple, easy, and key. Don’t slip a crying infant out of the car seat, don’t let a preschooler bounce around the back, and grown-ups stay buckled up too. If you really need to give everyone a break, find a rest stop and let everyone stretch their legs. Even better, make them all do jumping jacks or run sprints to get the ants out of their pants!

Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget, it’s all about the journey, not the destination!

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  1. Paul K says:

    I never thought I’d be a parent that used personal DVD players for my kids, but I have to say, the person that invented them should be nominated for a Nobel prize. The individual that invented headphones, so I don’t have to listen to 10 hours of kindergartner movies and videos, should be sainted!

  2. Paul K says:

    Interesting – but I don’t agree!

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