Mom Talk: Sibling Love

Post by Jessica R.

Last summer we discovered through trial and error that our youngest daughter has an averse reaction to most regular sunscreens. I found sunblock that didn’t make her break out into hives and I became ultra vigilant about what went on to her sensitive skin.

After months of watching mommy panic as soon as someone approached her baby sister with the regular stuff, it’s understandable that my older daughter was extremely skeptical this past weekend when I explained that we were going to do a test to see if her sister was over her sensitivity.

She watched me from under a deeply furrowed brow as I slathered her baby sister in good old regular 30 SPF and then as I turned my back on the to get some more things out of the car I heard her intent questioning.

“Are you okay? Are you feeling okay? Are you sure?” She was holding both of her sister’s hands in her own and looking her in the eye. “Do you feel okay? Do you feel funny at all?”

Her sister’s repeated and increasingly annoyed “Yes!” seemed to calm her down and she consented to just taking her hand and leading her into the zoo.

Moments later all concern was forgotten and they were back to squabbling over popcorn, but it’s nice to know that that love is there for the important moments!

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