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Last week I packed up a small suitcase and headed cross country for a few days with out the husband or the kids. I took care of all the laundry and stocked up the fridge before I left so they’d have clean clothes and something to eat. Then I left without really worrying about any of them. I’ve left my husband in charge before and he’s always done a fabulous job of keeping everything running smoothly.

In fact, sometimes it’s a little disheartening to see just how well he does when I’m gone.

This time, however, things did not go quite as well as last time, which, while being great for my ego, was not so great for my poor husband’s nerves.

Because of one child’s antics he got very little sleep one night, leaving him a bit bleary eyed and slightly short tempered . In a misguided attempt to entertain them for an hour he decided that they’d all walk to the grocery store to get some lunch. It was a gorgeous day and much to his frustration the girls did not quite feel his urgency for getting to the store. Instead they dilly-dallied and stopped every few feet to gawk at something new.

Annoyance bubbling out of every pore he finally turned and snapped.

“Can’t you guys walk any faster?”

My five year old very seriously turned to him and replied with an unequivocal No. When pressed for an explanation, she replied very simply.

“No, I will not walk faster. It’s a beautiful day and it’s the weekend. I want to enjoy it.”

They didn’t get to the store as fast as my husband had wished, but they definitely enjoyed the journey more than he’d expected.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

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