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Back when my first born was teeny tiny a few moms on a message board I frequented often made a pact to only eat what they would feed their kids. They called it the Baby Food Diet. Their rationale was simple: why would they eat something they would cringe to see their toddlers eat?

Well, that’s all fine and dandy in theory, but at some point that craving for Doritos raises its ugly head, and really, where does that leave you?

I’m not sure how those moms have fared in their quest to just eat healthy foods. I knew myself better than to attempt it. But I have tried hard to keep my kids from eating too much junk. Either by

– outright lying about what I was eating: “Oh, no. You won’t like what mommy is eating. It’s super yucky.” I’m not proud of myself for that. The cravings made me say it.

– hiding the snack foods and indulging behind their back. You can’t imagine how loud snack food is until you try this.

– only eating snack foods when they aren’t around. Kids find wrappers. Even when you hide them in obscure places in your car.

– just being fast and eating the last of something. Again. I’m not proud.

But all that is over now. My youngest child has caught on to me. She knows my ‘mommy just ate something she didn’t want to share’ face. She walks over, insists on being picked up, turns my face towards her, forces my mouth open and sniffs.

“Chocolate.” She announces (she’s never wrong). “I want some too.” And, busted, I hand some over.

I think it might be time to start that ‘Baby Food Diet.’

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  2. diane says:

    I know this whole scenario well! I call them ‘mommy snacks’ ..My daughter gets her snack and if I want something more ‘satisfying’ or if Im trying to be sneaky, I tell my daughter mommy is having a ‘mommy snack’–most of the time it works. Of course now at 3 1/2 she’s getting a bit wiser. Sometimes I have to fork over a taste but mostly she just nods and moves on…

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