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We didn’t really spend weeks planning my daughter’s birthday party. We had no idea how many people would come or what the weather would turn out to be, so I didn’t want to make elaborate plans that would then have to be changed on the fly. I knew the kids would all swim and that there would be cake, but other than that I left the rest to chance.

Except for the water balloons. Those I purchased ahead of time.

I figured that kids still wet from the pool would be thrilled to throw around some water balloons. Four weeks later kids are still talking about those balloons, so I must have been onto something.

If it’s going to be hot at your summer party, consider grabbing a couple water balloons when you’re picking up other party supplies. They now come with a handy hose attachment that makes filling them a breeze, and they offer fun that kids and grown-ups can get into.

Need some ideas?

  • Try the water balloon toss. Line up kids on one side and parents on the other, just a foot apart. Toss the balloon from one partner to the other. If they catch it everyone takes a step back. Winners are the team who keep their balloon intact the longest.
  • Try a water balloon spoon relay. One large spoon and water balloon per team. Create an obstacle course that the teams have to navigate without dropping the balloon. Not enough chance of getting wet? Dispense of the spoon and turn the relay into a balloon toss relay.
  • Try a different sort of relay. Hand each team a bucket filled with balloons. Tell them they have to get all the balloons into another bucket at the end of the yard. They can either run one at a time or create a human chain, tossing the balloons from one to the other. Team with the most balloons in the bucket at the end wins.
  • Still not getting wet enough? How about the chin relay? Tuck a water balloon under your chin and pass it to the next person without using hands, just chins. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!
  • Or you could just turn it into a free for all. Hand out balloons and show people how to work the hose attachment. Within no time everyone will be nice and cooled off!

Does your family have a favorite water balloon game or tradition?

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  1. Sharon says:

    My son’s 10th birthday party, they made 5,000 water balloons by themselves. Please go to youtube check it.
    Hope everybody enjoy the water balloon fun!!

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