Mom Talk: Summer Madness

Post by Jessica R.

Today was the end of school park day for my daughter’s preschool. The micro-carnival fun was dampened by only one thing, the fact that as we were casting little plastic fishing rods into wading pools we were also saying goodbye to favorite teachers and aides.

In theory next week brings with it the start of summer and the fun and relaxation that comes with it. Sadly that seems to only be true if you’re five and have no say in summer plans. If you’re a working mom, summers, devoid of the nice soothing rhythm of school day schedules, are a bit more stressful.

Moms huddled over their Blackberries and iPhones as the kids hurled beanbags into gaping clown mouths and tried to plan play dates.

“No, that week he’s at soccer camp.”

“Well, that next week she’s at NASA camp. How about the week after?”

“That won’t work either. We’re flying East to see family.”

More often than not the moms walked away saying they’d “be in touch” or thrilled to have planned a short get together the week before school starts up again.

My own schedule is no less insane. We have at least six solid weeks of visitors, which I keep playing down so as to keep my husband’s hyperventilation to a minimum. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, but it does beg the question—what ever happened to summer being all about grilled corn, drippy watermelon and watching the clouds move lazily across the sky?

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