Mom Talk: Summer Photos

Post by Jessica R.

Everyone makes sure to have some great family pictures taken in the fall so they can have something to put on their holiday cards, but in our home I take extra care to keep my camera with me throughout the summer. There’s something about the fun and carefree feeling that comes over people—kids and adults alike—on a warm summer day that just begs to be captured on film.

When the kids are rolling around on the grass, I roll around with them and capture shots from the ground. When the kids are splashing around in the wading pool, I stay out of the splash-zone, but still get in there to catch their delighted grins. In the fall you can have pretty children dressed to the nines, but in the hot summer months you get pictures of watermelon grins, ice cream smiles and sun-kissed noses.

I get my camera in very close* and snap away, capturing twinkles, dimples and life. These might not be the pictures that end up in our holiday card, but they’ll be the pictures that remind me of the best of their childhood.

Baby in the grass

* If you’re looking for tips on taking great pictures of your children, check out the then tips and tricks in this Mom Talk post.

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