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“We’re leaving in five minutes. Please get your shoes and whatever you’re bringing!”

The call is the same every morning, but you would think that I had never uttered those words before. Both of my daughters look up at me like I’m speaking another language.

“Please. Get your shoes. We’re leaving in five minutes.”

Again all I get are blank stares and so the morning battle begins.

In order to get everything done in the morning I allow the girls one PBS TV show after they are dressed. The TV is what allows me to brush their hair with minimal screams and tears. There was a time when I wouldn’t turn on the TV until they were fully dressed, had shoes on and knew exactly what treasure they were bringing to daycare that day. Sadly, I’ve let my standards drop and we’re back to the every day skirmish.

“Put on your shoes or I’m turning off Curious George.”

That always gets their attention and they slide themselves off the couch and head off in search of their shoes. Ten minutes later however we’re still debating what toys can or can’t be brought. The bin of Legos is always a no, the lone doll with no accessories is acceptable.

By the time we get into the car someone has inevitably shed some tears and someone else is in dire need of a second cup of coffee. And yet I never seem to learn because tomorrow morning I will forget that they need to have their shoes on and their toys selected before I turn on PBS.

Do you have a system for getting everyone out of the house with their smiles intact?

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